Extra-curricular activities

The Academy has a wide range of activities to choose from Carnatic and Vocal Music, Guitar, Keyboard, Classical and Folk Dance, Dramatics, Art, Craftwork, Clay Modelling and Computer Applications. The child after V th grade is given the option to choose the activity towards which he/she has an aptitude. All facilities are provided to enhance the talents of the students and make them realize their full potential.

Every festival is celebrated at The Academy with gusto and fervor that gives the children an opportunity to know more about the diversity of Indian culture irrespective of their religious backgrounds. And each celebration calls for a variety of art to be presented in an aesthetic way. Bhajans, Namaaz and Christmas Carols co-exist here.


As sports play a prominent role in developing one’s personality, at The Sobha Academy, it is an important part of the curriculum like any other school.  Focus is given not only on teaching the techniques and skills of the game but also on developing one’s perseverance and mental toughness.  It also inculcates a sense of leadership and team spirit and brings in a healthy combination of mind, body and soul.