The Academy follows the CBSE syllabus which is student oriented and believes in experimental learning in classrooms. This syllabus is ideal for students from the BPL families as it gives equal importance to academics and co-curricular activities; it reduces the dropout rate as there is less fear and anxiety related to performance.

Every student gets ample opportunity to display their talents through various competitions like Recitation, Essay Writing, Story Writing, Poetry Writing & Slogan Writing  are held during Saturdays to showcase the talents of the students. These competitions are held House wise. The students are divided into four houses. Sobha Ruby, Sobha Emerald, Sobha Sapphire & Sobha Topaz.

Academics & Technology

The academy has gone in a big way to integrate technology into education. The Classrooms are digital and computer education is introduced from class III.

Remedial Teaching

  1. Children with problems in learning has been identified by a group of experts and special coaching and care has been given to such students.
  2. Extra coaching for the students of classes X & XII has been arranged after the school hours as the students do not get parental support as the parents themselves are educationally backward.


The Sobha Academy has a highly qualified, motivated and committed teaching staff who believes in the holistic development of the children. The academy has a student teacher ratio as 17 : 1.

Strength in the Academic Year 2023-24


Academic Calendar 2020-21