Our School


The Sobha Academy established in the year 2007 and managed by the Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust, the CSR wing of Sobha Ltd., is located at Panniayankara, Palakkad District. It is a registered charitable and educational society formed with the intention of moulding the next generation professionals with a global edge. The charitable trust also aims to reduce the economic disparities in the society. This trust is headed by Mr. P.N.C. Menon. The trust extends its services over the three panchayats viz. Vadakkenchery, Kizhakkenchery and Kannambra. It not only envisages at the individual development of a student but the community as a whole.

From its very inception, the school managed to create a niche positioning as ‘The School with Difference’ through a host of unique training methodologies. After it embarked its journey of excellence in 2007, it has been zealously pursuing its mission of imparting quality education with the goal to attain international level of excellence. This institution is accredited with CBSE.


The Sobha Academy aims to groom a generation of highly qualified and ethically driven professionals who will serve the society in new and innovative ways through their creative ideas and executions that will make the lives of humanity better, more fulfilling and ecologically safer.


The Sobha Academy strives to develop students to become innovators and leaders by imparting rigourous training programme that utilizes academic, co-curricular, personality development and the latest pedagogical and technological developments. The Sobha Academy has facilitated a perfect learning environment for the students, encouraging them to express their creativity.


The Sobha Academy focuses on providing good and solid education to children from the poorest of the poor families, totally free of cost. It also aims to empower the rural poor to make a permanent break from the vicious circle of poverty, ignorance, deprivation and exclusion through quality schooling experience.



Sobha focuses on the primary reason as to why a student fails in school. Reading deficits, behavioural problems, lack of parental support/involvement, lack of concrete connection to the real, competitive and technologically advanced world, lack of moral support etc. lay as the foundation of a child’s failure in school. The Sobha Academy includes learning guidance, strong support and counselling session for students in need of learning support or intensive remediation.


Regular counselling sessions with regard to parenting and for solving family discords are given. The Principal, teachers and the counsellor of the school frequently meet the parents and discuss about the performance of their ward. They also suggest and find remedial ways for the improvement of the child’s academic and behavioural problems. They provide moral guidance and emotional support to maintain a healthy and harmonious family life for the betterment of the child. Parents are taught to be role-models to their children. Counselling is also provided in adherence to two child norm and alcoholic de addiction.